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concepción ; ceniza

concepción ; ceniza

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inspired by brutalist architecture the base forms shape defining lines and casting shadow within unfinished raw concrete making each handmade base uniquely distinctive and designed with intent to be reused overtime.  

the candle shares the cultural heritage of hu/bstudio molded in a dormant volcanic structure awaiting eruption. hand poured with all natural non-scented soy wax. the bold and unique shape is inspired by the island volcanoes of ometepe, nicaragua. 

both pieces interlock juxtaposing elements of cold and dense concrete with the soft and warm melting texture of wax. a personal encounter illuminating reflection and balance; a relic interpretation of nature and structure. 

concepción ; ceniza includes base and 1 candle. 100% cotton wick. non-scented. all natural soy wax, dye and cement.  


all studio hu/b pieces are designed and hand made in studio. small imperfections should be embraced, as each piece is unique to its own production process. please refer to shipping policies as all designs are produced in small quantities. 


candle : L 6.5in. H 4in.  W 2in.  Wt. 3lb 

*place and light candle on a safe surface.

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