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the first design from our ARCH. candle series
ometepe shares the cultural heritage of hu/bstudio molded in a dormant volcanic structure awaiting eruption. hand poured with all natural non-scented soy wax. the bold and unique shape is inspired by the island volcanoes of ometepe, nicaragua.

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the volcanoe known as volcán concepción is joined by a low isthmus to form one island in the shape of an hourglass. it has a base of 9.9 mi beneath its symmetrical cone and because of this its considered extremely beautiful.
concepción is the second set from ARCH. in a series of distinctive sculptural candles currently in production and inspired by the island volcanoes of ometepe, nicaragua.


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hu-bstudio introduces fndn.(foundation) is the third design from ARCH.
handmade and designed in los angeles, ca.
a tower like design made from natural soy wax. the candle anchors itself upright into a small minimal concrete body underlining the importance of a strong foundation. highlighting its luminosity and strength, fndn. brings harmony to any environment. this candle was designed to be paired with your favorite incense and enjoyed leisurely. 
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introducing our greens. ASHTRAY

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our continuous approach towards discovering new concepts for the home with a focus on function and aesthetic. dedicated to the ritual of smoking our signature greens. ASHTRAY will provide a sophisticated and minimal approach towards your social or personal smoking practices. 

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